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Reviews for "Escaped!"

Good Game

Good game, slightly annoying AI but in general a good competition, could have used different music but definately an overall good addicting game.

Love it

I love the puzzle game. I hate the theme.

Normally I love zombies, but only when I actually get to do the killing. A better story or more direct violence against zombies would be better.

Perhaps a wizard theme would be better. I mean.. what zombies cast magic healing spells or use bombs? That's just not right.

One Bug

I found a bug with the achievements, the ones I unlocked the day before from maxing the upgrades are no longer unlocked nor can i unlock them.

Apart from that great game, would be perfect for multilayer just a shame it didn't have a better ending,

not all luck

good game. i always liked these linking puzzels,and the fact you shoot zombies as well is awesome :)
now i read about the fact that luck is all there is to this game... not entirely true:
sure,you won`t know what blocks are gonna come down,but is that the point?
use you`r inmagination. if a zombie keeps spamming shield don`t hit him hard,better to interupt his posible links by cutting 3 out of the middle. he wont get damage,but he wont get new mana to.

the tips i got if i died were pretty good.

overall a great game

Very addicting game

I'm not sure why so many reviewers think this is a bad game... I've been playing it for the last two days and think it's a lot of fun. It's really not difficult once you get the hang of it and there is a lot less luck than some players think.

The trick is to not only plan your move but also how that move will open up the board to your opponent. In that way there is a lot more strategy involved... luck only factors in with how the first row or two will open up.

A couple comments on how it could be better:
- Having a secondary, more challenging mode, such as a timed mode where the player is penalized if he/she takes too long to make a move would greatly improve re-playability.
- Every so often I noticed that dragging over a few blocks wouldn't connect the dots - sometimes it seemed a little picky where you dragged.
- Also, judging by the earlier reviews, maybe a better tutorial would be helpful.