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Reviews for "Escaped!"


And Addicting..Damn zombies kept killin me until i developed a keen eye..and double moves

5/5 10/10

i didn't have a single problem with the last boss.I dont understand how people have such a problem with her. all you have to do is keep up shield, and keep using bomb and it's a easy win. =) p.s. very addictive game.

anyone complaining...

It IS hard, but its NOT impossible. I finally beat it, the last battle is meant to be long it seems, you have to figure out when to use certain abilities. remember, double move drains there mp!

a lil luck and a decent amt of skill

this game gets my vote for getting me to finish it, but it's just a mix of many game types.

luck comes into play a lot, but def a good strategy to it.

i like to build up to double attack, then use it to lower an enemies MANA on later levels. just so you know, double attack is stackable, so you can use it again and again to many hits in one turn if you plan things right (and get lucky with pieces).

can't get pass the last level the big head zombie

can not get pass the last level the big headed zombie chick is hard to battle..and i go agree about the zaombies being mostly black..that is messed up..since the person behind this game have a personal problem with black folks..that HE have to put it in a game about zombies..worser then the creators of the Resident Evil Installment in Africa and African zombies..i mean Asian people who is the creators of R.E. wouldn't create zombies of their own people but it is created by Asians ..WOW that is something else.blacks folks get it bad