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Reviews for "MFA "naruto" Project"

wtf?? helpp??

i really want to play but its not even letting me press "start game" i cant select anything.. help

Fun stuff

Pretty nice game with a mix of different characters from all over. The first boss really made my day, seeing him that is, until he killed me...
I can't wait for the finished project.

As for bugs.. The only "bug" I encountered was when I first got the slide dash and used it to cross the water, I ended up under the grass. Obviously this isn't a big deal since you can just jump up... however it could cause an issue (maybe) if you were to stay under there and tried to progress.

Besides that the only other issue I had was with combat. I could have an attack animation "hit" an enemy but they wouldn't get damaged/killed. It seems like they had to be killed a certain way or it just wouldn't work. I personally would have liked doing a drop kick on the little ground enemies instead of having to use the down + x attack but maybe I just suck and missed a bunch or something.

Oh and if you release an updated beta, maybe some healing items scattered about or even a key to heal you would be nice. It helps to test betas when you don't have to worry about lives/health and can have the option to die over and over to test or recreate a bug.

Great stuff though, keep up the awesome work.

ToxicAcid responds:

Thnx for the bug Taibon. as you mentioned.. the first boss you have to hit him a certain side.. can kill and damage other enemies with drop kicks. this really would help sorrow (ThinXiii) to keep the difficulty curve.


Really cool!

This game is made really cool.
The story is intresting and the game and sound combined makes a cool game.
I like it!

ok found a bug

ok so i was playing through the first level and i died a few times any way when i came back alive on my last life some of the platforms were invisible but u could still jump on them,
ok so now to actully reviewing the game it was pretty good
i liked how u mixed it up by putting different anime characters in there
(i was wondering if there were any one piece characters in there ,because one piece and naruto shippuden are both my fave animes)
yea but other then the little bug i found and the training which was hard (took me 3 trys to get it) it was really good
i aslo like the music on the first level

ToxicAcid responds:

thnx for the bug. :)
that will help Thinxiii alot lol