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Reviews for "The Internet You Need"

Haven't Seen One of These In A While

It's educational and comedic at the same time. I'm 12 and my smartest of the family older brother and my dad don't even know what it actually is. I wish there were more things like this on the Internet.

Says what now? O-o

netneutrality?? Thank god I live in sweden....... wait.....

Anyway I love this "classic" style.... and that annoying "8D 8O D8"-voice xD Watched it over and over just for the animation and sound.....

Good message, hope it gets heard.

On a related note, isn't it interesting how every U.S. Congress member who voted for Net Neutrality in a preliminary vote in 2010 got voted out of office last November? What a co-inky-dink! But I'm sure there's nothing dishonest going on. Yeah...

The irony!

I see a cartoon for pro-net neutrality but I don't see one for net-liberty and non-censorship. Where's the neutrality in that?!?!

The communist "Media Alliance" isn't fooling me with this tripe.

hahaha great

i agree with supernerd. reminded me of bioshock
great video with a solid point