Reviews for "Sergio and Bear 2"

Love It!

I really enjoyed the first one, the character interaction was hilarious and always interesting, not to mention the witty humor had me entertained.

This one is good, but not as great as the first, in my opinion.

The graphics were beautifully done, jaxxy. You have some of the finest line work on Newgrounds, it's never cringe worthy to look at. Smooth and flawless. Not to mention the backgrounds were also very nicely done. You character anatomy and designs were also quite lovely, unique too.

The voices by Joshua were amazing as always. The thing I love about Joshua is, unlike most Newgrounds voice actors, his voice is never disappointing to me. In my opinion, he is one of the best on this website. He can do such a wide variety of voices that all jump into their own character. Great choice using Josh.

The animation was also one of my favorite parts. The only real "issue" I had was lip synch, which was not bad, but could have been better. Try to add more teeth and tongues when lip synching, it makes it look more authentic. Other than this, the animation was really nicely done.

The script is where I also have a slight problem. For two reasons.

The first is that I was honestly hoping this story wouldn't drag on from the first, which sadly it did. Don't get me wrong, the script was beautifully written, and it's still funny and has its memorable moments, but I felt cheated out. The joke for the first one was that Sergio was forcing Bear to get a job against his whim, and lied to him to do so. The joke feels a bit dragged on, honestly.

My second issue is the length. Don't get me wrong - length is always good. I just don't think for comedy skits like this. Try to keep it around two to four minutes in length. I just feel like if the entire episode has a punch line, it shouldn't drag on. Or if it does, let it build up. The punch line for this one was Bear freaks out. While it is a funny concept, it was not an amazing punch line. The longer you make the episode, the more impact a punch line should have.

I apologize if I seem to be nit-picking, as I'm not trying. This movie is nearly flawless, and has the elements to be something great. This was, by far, still an amazing movie. It just isn't as great as the first. I suppose though anyone could argue; "Name one sequel that is better than its predecessors" and in fact a lot of movies come to mind which "bombed" that were sequels of popular franchises.

I'm in no way saying this "bombed", at all, but just try to use the same formula as the first. I don't mean recycle the same material, but have an overall punch line and the entire episode building up to said punch line. I really love the concept of Sergio being able to make Bear do things against his will, and how easily and casually he complies. It's a really great concept.

Try to make each episode not continue from the last, as the joke gets a tad repetitive. All of that nonsense said, I really can't wait for episode three. Again I apologize if I appear to be nit-picking, I just really care for this series.

Can't wait for episode 3!


I got bored. Ending improved it though.


the little gay kid annoys me

wow nice movie

really love it

better question

why is the pringles guy trying to hire a bear, nevermind, funny video