Reviews for "Sergio and Bear 2"

I've been waiting! Not dissapointed!

Man I really have been waiting for the next episode and it was great. Sergio is awesome and his little friend cracks me up. I could write a ridiculously long critique defending why its so good, however- I'm not. Keep it up!

Your animation was so fun to watch

I really enjoyed your style and of course josh voice acting, Sergio killed me to stare at, just because his arms we're just !.


Voices are perfect, graphics not bad and funny enough! You got a 8 from me!

You half-assed it.

I personally loved segio 1, but as much as I wanted a sequel, I suspected something like this would reach the horizon. I liked the first one because it's a freakin bear and silly dude with a hilarious, memorable skit. This one feels like, well, just a sequel. I really wanted a sequel, but you know... I guess I was just hungry for more orignial, funny, and simplistic flashes.


I got bored. Ending improved it though.