Reviews for "Sergio and Bear 2"


| yeah that guy takes it way too serious... blah blah blah it has no plot blah blah blah i
| dont even know what a plot is. Its a fucking flash get over yourself. I suggest you
| find work as a reviewer when you get out of middle school.

Bearably entertaining

This was moderately amusing and original, if I had any issues with it it would be that it seems to have left out some potential, mainly the pace. The bear, seeing as he is a bear has already been defined pretty well as the guy who's unmotivated and doesn't really know whats going on (and is a bear). By himself, he can't really go much beyond personality based situational humor. Sergio has potential to liven things up if he were more active about getting the bear into zany hijinx, though as it stands he's also just mostly standing around going "Oh come oooooooon!" meaning that he is also a slow paced character who just mildly drives the plot a bit as opposed to the first episode where his selfishness is shown off up to eleven for his share of contribution to the laughs. Lastly, the environment bear has gotten himself into can deliver the situational humor, the randomness from the shop employee going about how bear is supposedly dealing with illegal substances and that close up of bear near end were definitely highlights. But aside of those, it's mostly just a dude sort of flustered at bear being a bear, an interview (I was actually hoping the interview questions would have questions used by inexperienced interviewers like "what is your biggest weakness"/"Can you work under pressure") and the thief running into bear, which are mostly plot elements (and this show doesn't really run much on plot if I'm guessing right). If this were compared to Leo and Satan, Leo is the kid curious about stuff of troubled by everyday things (delivering the setting) while Satan is the twist to it. They can bring punchlines even if sitting in the house for several episodes. Since bear is much less "active" than Satan (compared to Satan because the bear is usually the twist or deliverer of punchlines here as well), either Sergio or the environment has to make up for the rest, or it might be a little slow paced.

Actually I should have just said it was funny but ended up typing a lot.


I'm lovin' where this series is headed!
Great animation and great voice acting!
Keep it up! :)


I loved the first one. Funny as hell. This one dose not disappoint. 10/10!


thx for the sequel jaxxy and joshua