Reviews for "Sergio and Bear 2"

That was ...


aw, you guys

you make a great team, like hansel and gretel boiling up a witch or something... wouldn't it be crazy coincidence if your dad was a woodcutter and your mum was a selfish insecure bitch who wanted you dead. Actually no, that would just be sad, sad and appalling.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that you've got yourself a nice series happening here, and I think you work well together. Now kiss each other a little for me... <3

Awesome series

Happy bear has a job now :P

P.S- Who steals 10 pounds of oranges XD

jaxxy responds:

a hobo. :/


salmon hah obvious

reminds me of...me :D

the end was the best! just 5 minutes ago, i did the same face in the kitchen, as i realised that the milk is empty.