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Reviews for "Sonic:ReignOfDarkness 3"

when it comes

when it comes to things like this you rock at it


You Have One Error In The Movie...

Error - Sonic Would Have Turned Dark Sonic If All His Friends Died.

But, Also It Was Fun To See.

Good Movie, But Think More In The Characters And Their Forms.

ok soo

Will there be a sequel

I've seen this all before

I can't really give a high score... images was taking from the Sonic X anime series, Over Powered Sonic Characters - Which is apparently a must now days-, DBZ style fighting besides Chaos control in super form i dont see sonic himself throwing energy anything. I like Nazo but there was complete rip from nazo unlease sonic turns hyper at the last second. Now your choice in which music to select in your story was well done. Story pretty original in your take but see before by others... Maybe you can run the same style of story but think of a different chero beside over powered sonic characters and DBZ style fighting.

effort please?

make something i can watch and make sure your buttons work all ur sonic ones are like this so 0 for them all till they work.