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Reviews for "Click!"


ive had 47 one the first, and never managed to do better! nice clicki counting!

This game is in bad faith and it hurts people

Neat, I didn't know games could do that.

I wish they made medals but i still love this game i got 125 clicks

Teenplayer84 responds:

Sorry about that, I think i made this before college before I knew how to program and all that jazz

Say...if you want to try another game I made for a class check this out (Unity game):


No metals, sorry and I know there some bugs. Thank for playing this game btw..it's been years!

240 but it still want more moRE MORE MOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!

Fun little game!

The simplicity of this game is just so addicting, along with the atmospheric music in the background, and the shading of the game. Great time killer! My best is 55 after 3 trys!

Teenplayer84 responds:

This is what I is exactly I was aiming for