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Reviews for "Clayball"

loader issue

when it loaded i clicked play game but then stupid ad was looping the whole time so i cant play. i dunno if its just me. or others as well. i tried reloading but it still didnt work. sad

Dot Dot Dot.....

This game is so ESEY. Lol jk but this game as absolutely dreadful
P.S The only reson im giving this a 1, is beacuase the graphikz where pretty good

This game isnt very good

I mean, i gave you 1 star for the idea of making a claymation game, but it sucked real bad. The controls are frustrating and horrible, It's pretty much impossible to not get the 3rd trophy and it get's really boring and repetitive in later levels. This game is just shit and could have had a hell load of alot of improvement. 1/10 0/5

did not like

im kind of getting sick of the boring gameplay that mochigames keeps pumping out. it seems like all their games are the same thing


it was boring, stupid and the Clayball was heaps to hard to control.