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Reviews for "Clayball"


The game itself is hardly original, and could have been much better. And I agree with bravojr, it isn't clay physics, just clay animation, which wasn't really necessary or as "cute" as it was aimed to be. The fame play becomes boring very quickly and its mind-numbingly simple to the point it isn't particularly worth playing. There are many other ball-based physics games much better than this, and you put too much of an emphasis on the clay, even though that could have been done without.

Good effort

The graphics are great, very original. The game play is missing many aspects that I am still scratching head to. The most annoying thing is the location of the Menu and Restart buttons. This really needs to be fixed ASAP.

tofp responds:

you no need to click on bacl to jump


The controls and obstacles were not well suited to each other.

Terrifyingly horrible

This game really does just suck. The whole claymation idea is kind of new for Flash games, but it really only seems like you chose claymation because the physics suck so horribly and you couldn't figure out how to design it properly, and clay was the closest thing that reacted to how the physics were created - this game really doesn't take any skill. It's just throwing this ugly clay ball around while the same 7 second clip plays, which is annoying the hell out of me. If it were to take skill, the ball would probably bounce realistically, enabling the player to bounce off walls into other stars and collecting them in a faster, more coordinated way, instead of chucking the clay ball up randomly, where it doesn't even go where you think it would, and when it hits walls, it just slams into them and drops straight down, and then rolls half the little map away. Every god damn level is the same, except look! This one has lasers! This one has energy doors! This one has BOTH! WOW!

tl;dr: Good idea, but poorly executed, ugly design, horrible controls, repetitive gameplay, same, limited sound clip.

just bad

The concept is totally unoriginal and the physics aspect needs work. It is very frustrating to play and as for the graphics, something about the whole scheme is just creepy. I can't really place my finger on what it is, but some subconscious aspect of the game is very unpleasant. Sorry, but I really don't think any amount of work could fix this.