Reviews for "Clayball"

Says "clay physics but delivers.

True its claymation, but its not clay physics. i was expecting some sort of puzzle game involving the squishy soft body physics of clay. Maybe even something innovative like curtain types that harden ect.


Like it so much ! Just perfect for me now :)

Great look and feel

I'm not a fan of this type of game. But, the look is wicked; the play is flawless; and certainly very unique.

I like it!

It's so original, so fun! I love how the clay ball has a face and the way you have to use it. It's got great effects for clay-mation type game and great gravity effects. It's very challenging and the on;y thing i would change would be the laser level because it's rather difficult to move around them without dying. Maybe has a platform to aim for that holds the clay ball while you aim.

tofp responds:

Thanks. Now work on two more game with a lot more clay animation.

it got hard at the end

claymation is always fun. and how exactly you got that into an environment where I can control it is beyond me (programming a mario sprite is also beyond me btw) so good "original" idea (clay fighters, but it hasn't been used too much) and keep up the good work.