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Reviews for "Clayball"

Not bad

I loved the claymation, always a really neat thing to see done when it's done well, and it was done very well here. The claymation was very smooth and very animated - a very professional look. I really liked how the captions and menus were done in clay, and the fonts and such had great contrast; it was very visually appealing.

The gameplay, on the other hand, was not all that good, in my opinion. There's no twist or novelty, and this type of physics game has been done to death in many many forms. With such a great medium as claymation there could be some great hooks you could lean on, but this seems to be just a basic cookie-cutter game embellished a little bit by the graphics.

I'm hoping that you will take this idea to the next level, maybe even get with a fellow designer, and give us a fantastic claymation game, puzzle, adventure, action, whatever. Show us what clay can do that normal animations can't, and make the front page for more than a novelty.

There are far too few calymation games/toons out there, and I'd love to see a bunch more of them. You have the visuals down, now just give us some more substance!

Thanks for the game!

the laf

the game was good but yeah

try again

this is just a terrible game. the graphics were lacking in the fact that it was hard to see the outside lines of things i.e. lasers
the idea was good +1, but the sound was lacking and it seemed more coding was needed.
the ball couldn't be thrown right while it was falling. the guide arrow will point short and to the opposite direction that you want it when the ball was falling.

work some more on the game. then resubmit it. until then, this is a dud.


Good game. The biggest problem I had was the ball would either go behind the menu or restart buttons and when I was trying to catch it before it stopped, I would click one of them accidently and I would loose the game. Just got annoying when trying to beat the clock.


The game itself is hardly original, and could have been much better. And I agree with bravojr, it isn't clay physics, just clay animation, which wasn't really necessary or as "cute" as it was aimed to be. The fame play becomes boring very quickly and its mind-numbingly simple to the point it isn't particularly worth playing. There are many other ball-based physics games much better than this, and you put too much of an emphasis on the clay, even though that could have been done without.