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Reviews for "Clayball"


Well, the animation is nice and squishy, and the colors are bright. But I find major fault with the control method, finding it too sluggish and unnaturally difficult to land on something. Another thing is the matter of buttons on the screen obstructing my view, making it hard to keep an eye on the action. Finally, I don't like the general dullness of the game at large, keeping me from truly enjoying it.

In conclusion, pretty good. But next time, make it less flawed.

it's litterally made out of clay o.O

Bet you had a hard time sticking that into your hardrive! (lol). Seriously now, the game was ok, cant say much about the graphics, because well, no graphics. The physics generator seems a little akward. The directions say stay away from lazers, yet the blue lazers dont do anything to you, so maybe shift them into doors? or just shift your explanation to "red lazers"? Either will do. The gameplay itself was rather lacking, perhaps if you toss in a story? At the very least make the timer go down, not up, because the challenge seems non-existant.


I enjoyed the animations a lot, but the gameplay was meh.

@rvdsm you don't have to actually click the guy to move, him, just click and drag anywhere.

Restart Button!

Don't put a button that restarts the level over the playable area of your game.


Ok, it looks really nice, but it's so boring....