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Reviews for "Clayball"

It's not bad.

But it's not good either.
The music was realy bloody annoying, and the controls were so darn hard.

I like the game, but

Firstly, the music is just ugh.

Another problem is a ball can roll under the restart/exit butttons.

I like the graphics though

It's different looking

But that's it. The gameplay is somewhat innovative (terrible), as is the music. The look of the game reminds me of Clay Fighter and the music reminds me of the first level of Chub Rock. Those are 2 awful SNES games for those who don't know. Nobody uses claymation anymore for a reason.

But don't feel too bad, there's just too many games like this out already. Damn you Scribblenauts.

needs improvements

the music is more repetitive and annoying than the super/hypersonic music from sonic 3 and the layout of the the levels is terrible, the only redeeming factor is the you can (sorta) jump infinitely. If there is a sequel being made, take these into consideration. 4/10 2/5

Good effort

The graphics are great, very original. The game play is missing many aspects that I am still scratching head to. The most annoying thing is the location of the Menu and Restart buttons. This really needs to be fixed ASAP.

tofp responds:

you no need to click on bacl to jump