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Reviews for "Clayball"

It was a great game!

But it needs a few improvements.
For me, dragging and throwing the ball is a tad bit weird, bit uncomfortable.
The ball shouldn't have been so sensitive to movement, takes a bit to aim because of the ball moving.
Anyways, the physics engine is kind of what killed it, along with the controls. BUT!!!
I loved how you used clay in this game, must've taken a while to animate it and shit. I think the clay is what saved this game, and since you used something out of the "norm", you kind of saved the game. All in all, this game is alright, not perfect, but still kind of good.

Good, but could be better!

It's a nice game! I love the idea of using clay. But it could be better.

- If you're death, restart level
The game was fun, but to easy because you couldn't really die. Nobody cares the 10+ time for dying. They just want to play out the level. If you would put a online highscore per level, then it could be more interesting. But now, you can like let explode all the mines, lasers, or getting back to the begin spot fast. Fix that.

What I did like about the game:
The clay was really creative. I liked the way the star spins. Maybe you could make a little bit animation in the main character. Like giving it the :O emotion when he is close to a laser or mine, it's just an idea. I also liked the number of levels, and the variation of levels. The new level features like teleporting and the mines were fun! Also controlling the ball was easy, because you didn't need to click on the ball.

I really think you should make a part 2, with the 'restart if death' idea. I would play it for sure! :)

Needs Improvement

I have some things to say

Graphics: 10/10

I loved the clay graphics, they where fun to watch and good looking too!
If you make a new game i would say: Use the same graphics!

Gameplay: 4/10

The gameplay is where this game goes wrong, controlling the ball was really hard. In mid air it was very hard to control the ball (like Llandorin said)

Physic engine: 6/10

it was a pretty good physic engine, but could use improvement

an another thing: Hybridsandwich probably hasnt played any physic games -.-

All in one: 6/10

Good concept, execution not so good

THe first couple of levels were quite fun, with a bit of challenge.

But the clay ball was far too hard to control in mid-air, which made avoiding the lasers very hard.

With a better/more sensitive control system, the game could be quite good.


The game itself didn't present many interesting twists or prove itself to be very difficult, and ended up being extremely boring because of it.

Also, the controls are horribly wild. Point based games don't work in ones that base it more on luck than actually doing this correctly (Since the only way you can really get a high score on most levels is if you happen to get lucky with your flings, its nearly impossible to control well enough to do quickly)

All in all, the game wasn't exactly new or entertaining, and it also wasn't very pleasant to play in terms of controls and such.