Reviews for "Lofty Tower 2"

how is this french?

it was english to me! and its a really good game!

good physics.......BUT

a shit idea of a game. the music the theme. ergh!


lol, this game is french just to let people know...
This is an english website so don't put french games ...

Anyways... its a really fun game but you should translate it in english.

Explain to me...

Explain how that retarded puzzle at the end made ANY sense at all... Because I have a feeling that it didn't. Yes, I had to resort to the walkthrough, and I still don't see how it is even close to have any logic to it. The rest of the game were interesting enough, even if it were a bit easy and repetitive at points. Oh, and the music. Sheez, how annoying.


k palle