Reviews for "Lofty Tower 2"


haha cool

height limit

very fun, but at times I was able to build bigger towers than I did, but the map would let me scroll up higher so I couldn't up the piece down on top. that really busted my balls :P Other way this was good!

Block Stacking?

Block Stacking? Really? I Can Think Of Better Concepts!

Tetris but backwards!

Amazing, but TOUGH

This game had me thinking quite a bit before I got everything straight, like having to move blocks and place them QUICKLY so the others wouldn't lose their balance. I think this was a great idea for a good puzzle game, somewhat similar to a reverse-Jenga game with odd-shaped blocks. Definitely loving this one.

Nice game

Hi there i liked the game really fun and also if you didnt notice in the title menu you can select the language