Reviews for "Lofty Tower 2"


Interesting, but not the besti've ever seen. Pretty good. & out of 10. 7:10. It's good, but not to fit my standards.


fun game, but I can't seem to rotate the pieces in the first pyramid level. Is this a bug, or do you think it's something with my computer?

i can see the light!!!

I finally finished


Ok, so the idea is very good, and the physics and theme are nicely done. I take issue with the method that most puzzles demand completion via. I would have loved for the start to be a jumble of tessellating shaped with a few mismatches so as to add difficulty. It would have been much better if it began like this and from then the objective was to build up, but with tessellation, but as the game is now, in a lot of levels this isn't possible.


Pretty bland game. The puzzles are fun, but it lacks good artwork, good music and also the whole image forming thing was a downsider. It could be pretty nice.