Reviews for "Lofty Tower 2"

I like It

I'm about to play it but you already have my 10/10 because of the language options (specially because PT-BR)

I'm realy impressed by that. XD

(ainda nem joguei, e ja tem um dez pelos indiomas, especialmente pelo PT-BR... ótima ideia e iniciativa!!!!)

DrunkenGod said it perfectly

The game is a lot of fun and very nicely made, but the problem DrunkenGod pointed out is spot on. I could very easily make much larger towers, but am unable to because of how the mouse centers on the block when you click on it, and if you try and place it towards the very top of the screen, it will not let you. If you included a manual process for scrolling the screen up or down (W and S would be perfect for this), then we'd be able to improve our scores dramatically. That issues is the only thing keeping me from giving this game perfect marks.

Thinking required

Good game, makes you plan and think


this game is hard AND awesome. i love the way you have to stack one by one :)

Not bad

Great idea, but it tends to get a little boring kinda fast. It could use some more challenging levels, maybe with harder blocks to stack or something. Overall its pretty good.