Reviews for "Lofty Tower 2"


Brilliant quality game. You could totally sell this to POPCAP. Its amazing...just saying XD

Pretty darn awesome.

Music - 10/10 It was a soothing relaxing music that actually served to help calm me down when I became raged that my tower had fallen for the umpteenth time.

Sound Effects - 9/10 With every action, picking up, letting go, toppling, winning, there came a sound effect reaction that wasn't annoying or loud. You get minus 1 on this because I have heard the sound effect for failure of a level in many games before.

Fun I had while playing - 9.5/10 By level 20 it had began to get challenging, and by level 25, I found myself cringing when my tower fell at the difficulty of it. However, that same difficulty made me want to complete the game even more than had it not been there to begin with.

Animation - 10/10

Length - 8/10 30 levels is a great medium between too short and too long. For me, personally, I would have preferred it end around level 25, but again, that's my own personal preference, and I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Gameplay - 10/10 Very simple controls, WASD + Mouse worked easiest for me, and having a combination like that allowed my brain to not have to work harder to try and remember what moved what where.


no doubt that its awesome

as i can see, you were busting your balls to make this. good job :)

eh an error, i suppose

i'm only at the first few levels, but i realised that there are quite a few long rectangles. so all i needed to do to pass those levels is stack those 1 or 2 rectangles vertically. i didn't even need to touch the rest of the blocks. is that the point of the game? okay now the difficulty is increasing haha.

that face

i liked the game!, really, but, that first mayan circle, it was a trying from the 2012 one? :S