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Reviews for "Fitit 2"

Time consuming =D

The last level with the flower was definitely the hardest so you got that right.
But along the way there was semi-hard ones before easy ones, shouldn't easy come first and hard come later?

It fits (lol)

This was a good game as it allowed you to get pretty creative. While there is not much in terms of design, what matters is that you have freedom to do what you want. It seems like there would only be one way to solve something, but you still get a great feeling of making your own game here. Do not mistake this for a little kid's game, as it is quite complicated. The music was pretty good as well. The controls could use some work.

It seemed like the frame was shifting a bit too much when you tried to change it or too quickly. You might work on that and also have some more detail put into the game. This was not intended to be detailed so it seemed to work well with what it was supposed to be. You would be surprised at how this can touch your inner child. It is certainly a decent game that does not rely on a bunch of flashy stuff to be playable.