Reviews for "Madness Hardstyle trailer"

This is alright..

I vote 8/10 stars..
I vote 5/5 submission points..
And Krinkels First!
You are Second for Madness Day 2011..

Ellvis responds:

WOW thanks :D


its not bat, but also not good yet, its enjoable, canĀ“t wait for the full movie

Ellvis responds:

oh shit :D just kidding

ok this is well

Animation is good and I can say that I'm looking forward to it ;)

Ellvis responds:

motherfuc.... thanks :D


me gusto ese monito

Ellvis responds:

hmm loI am not understand :D


When you change the quality to high or low, it will change back to medium when showing another room.

Ellvis responds:

I used scenes , this feature changing quality, I try to repair