Reviews for "Land of the Free"

Thank you. Once again there is something about this composition that transcends reality. You can sing this in any language and the human heart from any culture will feel uplifted. Thank you for sharing your gift. This remains, as when I heard the French version, to be one of my favorite songs ever.

As PotentApogee mentioned, the phrase, 'To fight for futures that we will one day all embrace!' seems to be squished to fit with the intended melody. The melodic contour at that point in the composition seems to suggest a sense of importance and resolve.

I have to admit that I started singing along and perhaps, 'To fight for futures that we will soon embrace!' might feel less squished and lift the line to the melodic climax it was intended to become.

Thank you and may God bless you!!

You're fighting for your own freedom, to let others be free as well.
It has that magical feeling to it, and the mood is well-fit for a battle, determined for victory.
Alright, before I go insane again about God, morals and understanding of Bible (3 things I have no idea about, but hope to learn some day), I'll end the review with a phrase: "nice instruments and mastering/mixing"

Marvellous sound. It's brilliant to see another track from you after your 'Ballad of the Windfish' cover, which is why I followed you in the first place. Long-awaited indeed!

The instrumental, as ever, is that sparkly, uplifting sound that stemmed from the original, and it is wonderful on the ears. I do admire the lyrics, positive and poetic as they are, but I think that some parts like 'To fight for futures that we will one day all embrace!' are slightly too long, and that sentence, although wondrously sung, sounds like it struggles to fit in before the chorus.
It's the same with 'Humiliation no longer the enemy', with the words 'longer' and 'the' sounding like they're almost fused together.

I listened to this through speakers and your voice sounds noticeably more muffled and shakier than the French version. I sense this was kind of rushed (please forgive me if it wasn't, I am no vocalist myself.)

I sent you a PM (a few days ago, I think) about Wednesday. It was short because I was unsure as to what to write since, as a mere Internet admirer, I'm in the dark about your situation. But I hope all goes well, and you certainly will be in my thoughts. It will all come together in your favour. And that is something I am sure of.

Keep it up, friend, and God keep you.

4 / 5