Reviews for "Land of the Free"

Well the vocals sound a bit flat but overall, I like the song.

I don't know which parts you did, if it's both the singing and the composition or just either or. Either way, the song itself is pretty neat, but the vocals sound pretty dissonant since they're a little out of tune. However, I digged the overall mix of the track, but sadly the piano vs. kind of brings certain parts down at some points. I think it's mainly because the key velocity remains sounds very static from time to time, which makes the track seem very synthetic, and that's something I'd rather not hear in a classical track.

Apart from the issues I mentioned, it's a neat song, and I hope I'll hear more of it.

Keep it up, lad/lass!


Troisnyx responds:

I did both. *blush* My singing was not a strong point at all. And I'll admit that my mixing is awful.....

Still, glad you otherwise liked the song. ^_^

great melody, love the piano, nice job getting the vocals although their not for me but still its a nice addition to the song, you should make more stuff like this sir n__n!! i make music also.

- Pandasticality

Troisnyx responds:

I don't doubt you do make music, though I'd rather listen on its own merits, than have someone splay it out shamelessly to me.

Glad you liked the song although the vocals were not the best. I do stuff like this too, so feel free to sift through my uploads if you so desire. For my part, when I'm able, I'll listen and review what you have put up thus far.

Lol your so amazing my mom doesn't even believe that I came across such a talented Person like you! :D

Troisnyx responds:

I'm just glad that you really enjoyed this. Thank you! Perhaps, take this as an opportunity to share the songs with your mum -- I hope she'll like them!

It's good to hear things from you, Trois. I think music is one of those things that He has planned for you, and you should definitely keep doing. As I've already mentioned to you, this is one of my favorite songs and I'm always happy to hear a new version when you think of little tweaks to be made (I also greatly enjoyed Usagiflower's version).

As mentioned in previous comments, the main singing does seem to be muted (compared to the original French), almost like the mic wasn't in prime position. I will assume (based upon what you've told me) that with the issues that are going on, finding time to sing can be problematic and one can be easily distracted. However, the third verse doesn't seem to be as muted and comes closest to matching the same level as the original version. There did seem to be one problem with the third verse... at about 3:20/3:21 there's a free-ranging high-note that just does not seem to fit any movement going on (back- or fore-ground).

As always, I great enjoyed this remake, and I will be praying for you. ~~Theatr