Reviews for "Draglade Battle"

So much win!

I love sprite battles and this went behond the limits, its amazing! :)

Guidodinho responds:

Thanks :3

Great Work!

Very Very good!!
Witch game this sprites come from?

Guidodinho responds:

Check the first word in the title dude :p

Fucking A

undescribabley awesome, very well done

i played the game!

i played it like 1 year ago and get all the characters it was cool but too short


I like guy! (the guy with the lightning fists and what not) But I dont really like habito(the fire douche) because he WEARS A VEST. : (

Guidodinho responds:

But vests are sexy. And if you don't like em you don't like being sexy >=(

But i'm glad you liked the animation ;)