Reviews for "Stranglewank"


Just the kind of raunchy, dirty ass humor that Newgrounds was known for. The underground shit that would turn most people away, is what gets my vote every fucking day.

Hope to see more, great to see something more out of the ordinary on the front page, rather than the usual filth.

This is brilliant.

This is the kind of shit I hope to see every time I visit Newgrounds. This flash pretty much made my night. There's nothing quite like coming home from a long day of work and putting on a flash about a man masturbating with an orange slice in his mouth.

The pacing of this flash is perfect. It's not so drawn out so as to cause the viewer to lose interest, but not so quick as to make the viewer miss anything. The climax (tee hee) is absolutely hilarious and worthy of applause. The execution was brilliant, as was the lead-up to that point. The color and animation are great. While the animation itself may not be mind-bogglingly complex, they make excellent use of off-screen movement and leave nothing to really be desired.

The sound was great, except for the masturbation sounds. That's really the only thing in this movie I can even think of that I would change. It sounded less like skin-on-skin contact and more like someone hitting a desk. Then again, if the only thing I can complain about is what a character sounds like while jerking it, then I am in no place to really criticize anything.

Please make for animations like this, this is exactly what the internet needs more of.

I must

And daddy says,"I MUST CUM! RAAAARGGGHH!!!". He dies. The end. lol

Parently yours

definatly one of the wrongest,crudest, yet more than likely possible cause of 90% of post trauma induced children on earth... Make that 91% now.


Simply smazing. The close up on the porn nearly killed me.