Reviews for "Stranglewank"

lol ffs

I was laughing my ass off. Brilliant stuff rofl


The icing on the cake.... was the icing on the cake!

ohmy god!!

funniest shit ever
and Im not judging you....well 10 stars!!!


That is the most terrible thing I've ever seen in my entire life. And I can't stop laughing. Holy Shit!

Made me shed a tear...

I loved the humour in this and as always your flash style is original and refreshingly fun. What inspired this?

I'm studying at UWE in Bristol at the moment, aiming to specialise in Flash, how is it working in flash as a group and where do you base your studio?

Thanks x

RainbowClub responds:

It wasn't really inspired by anything we just thought Stranglewank would be an awesome name for a film and then we made it.

Working in Flash as a group is pretty nice but it's nicer when we're able to use after effects and stuff too. Flash isn't too great for editing, compositing, sound etc. but we're trying to stick to just Flash with most stuff so we can submit to Newgrounds if we want to.

We're based in our house in Bristol, up by the suspension bridge.