Reviews for "Stranglewank"

I love what the chick and guy in the porno say because it's so true! (Oh fuck yeah, I'm a piece of shit, I'm a shit bitch).

It is also very sad that kid lost his father in such a demeaning manner...

o my goodness that ending mademe lol rite the fuck

not bad the ending is hilarious


How deranged can you be?

I think this should be shown to people who are masturbating like this. More and more people are being killed this way. The best thing about this is that the ending really upped the ante. I thought the guy was going to survive because the cord was coming off, but it actually led to his own demise. Of course, he would have died from hanging anyway. The artwork is very nice and sends a pretty disturbing tone.

I like how the motions are very authentic and it gives you a good sense of unsettleness. I knew it was going to end badly with the different floors of the house. I thought the floor above was the one that was going to have the kid in it. It's so nice to know you subverted your own joke. Happy birthday to this poor kid, I guess.


not what i had in mind when it said stanglewank but... this was very hilarious and creative


on a side note, the suggestion in your logo at the end was both cool and probably illegal