Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Way too based on luck

I find that nearly 90% of the time skills are useless and waste your MP as they were placed wrong. Even using the Healing set, half the time it doesn't work and you just drain your MP, and then when you need it again, you still have no MP. Other times your health just drops incredibly fast, and you cant use the Healing skills to attempt to make up for lost ground. I understand that your are probably aware of using dice has a flaw, but this is such a major issue as you have no control over your roll, let alone if your skills work or not. If you give the player better control over the skills (such as use it on all of your dice, not just on position) then it would potentially be much more fun to play


The game needs some serious polishing. I mean, reall, all you do is roll a dice. Also, in a way similar to how the computer paddle is always in front of the ball in Pong, the enemy die will always tie with yours, or beat it. Now, that may just be my luck, but still the gameplay gets repetitive and lacks anything that makes a game really entertaing.

It could have been alot better.

The problem I had was that the battles seemed tedious and drawn out, relying purely on luck, with your ability selection having little to no effect on the outcome.

Find a way to make it less COMPLETELY reliant on chance, and perhaps add more creative spells, and perhaps make it so the dice add up. I found it rather frustrating when I would get like... a 6-5-6 and it wouldn't do any damage because the monster managed to get a 6-1-3.

Overall, this submission has a lot of potential, but it feels rather wasted in its present state.

Could be better

The concept is good, as i believe someone earlier said, "its like risk without the game board." my issues are simple; the graphics could have been much better, some of the spells (espicaly the healing ones) are a waste of MP while others (the power spells) are a tad bit overpowered, when the high dice tied i would have liked the game to look at the next highest dice, and finaly... if you were to fix those things then i would like to see a longer more in depth game.

your welcome to PM me if you want more detailed info about all of what i said.

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Totally cheats

Either this thing cheats like someone's mom locked in a room with Brad Pitt, or I should seriously consider investing in 20 monkeys and 20 typewriters. I just got a triple 1 followed by 2 1's and a 2 (and that's including the re-rolling) while the computer rolled at least one six every time for like 10 rolls, two of which were triple 6's.