Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Needs more decision making!

Bit too mindless at the moment but its a solid platform to build on. I suggest taking a look at some dice games such a yahtzee, delve and decathlon. Techniques such as choosing which dice to keep and rerolling the rest to make specific combos generally work well as it also helps eliminate the large luck element. Keep it up!

Start out with the Time magic and you will have the best chance at making it through. This game is primarily based on luck so the re-rolls are great.

Pretty boring

There really wasn't a whole lot of visual stimulus to keep me that interested in something that long.

no thank you

nice attempt at a neat idea but too frustrating

i got to the end with 55hp and do to a flurry of wtf rolls i still lost

i am sorry but that is just infuriating not fun


Really? a dice game man, thats it....... you need to work on the odds of the dice both ending up as draws and in the first place, dice.... wow