Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


It's a fun and seemingly simple game, yet the game bugged or went crazy on me. Or maybe I just found a secret mana stone of doom. my mp bar suddenly shot out of the right side of the screen and gives me, what I've experienced of it so far, infinite mana. Oddly enough I had more fun after this occured...

It's all chance

The game it's self it actually very well done, good atmosphere, good sounds, decent writing, but in the end I cant give a very good score to a game that is all chance. I winds up just being click-hope-click-hope-click-hope-clic k-hope...

Not great

I'd have to agree that this isn't a particularly good game, but anyone who had trouble finishing or thinks there is no skill involved just sucks at dice games.
Still, the mechanics weren't bad, they could be put to use in a less "quick and dirty" game successfully.

mp orb

if there was an orb that took away from a dice roll to add to your mp that would be cool.


I have mastered the power of clicking on a button.

Game looks good enough, but is a bit boring.