Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


Not a bad concept, but too repetitive and random to be truly fun. I realize it's a game based on dice, but sometimes there's so little you can do that it's barely a game.

Good game, easy and fun

its simple and fun, but after the 4th battle, it felt like it was whoever got a 6 was winning... but i got up to the blue key, i hope it eventually goes into some type of adding of the dice... the power ups seemed useless unless you got a 6...


it is a decent game, but it is annoying how the enemies have a tedency to to get 5's and 6's too often thatn seems random. in one level in the first dungeon a enemy got 7 sixes in a row. in that way it is hard for the wrong reasons. or maybe i just got unlucky.

Too close for comfort...

Whew! I just made through it with only 1HP left... This has potential. Keep it up.

It was kind of cute

I know what you mean by nothing to special about this work, but i will admit i enjoyed mindlessly throwing dice but really that's all your doing. Brings back memories of me and my friends sitting around a table throwing dice out and it's amazing how the rolls are only luck.

I'm only giving you a six because i can't find a reason to really give you anything higher. It was fun cause i don't see games like this often and the animation was kind of cute.

If you could find time to come back and do another project that was based off the same premise I think you could have a solid game here. Create some cheesy story and have the hero run into a dungeon with his enchanted dice bag where u can choose to find more dice and power ups or not and for the heck of it put a simple tech tree.

Anyways the angry gem and intro "DUNGEON DICE!" just kills me so I'm bumping it too a 7 but I hope you think about revisiting this project.