Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Fun little dice fest...

but, alas, the randomness will irritate you with that "loaded dice" feeling as the enemy seems to always get one pip more than you on a roll. Well done, and worth playing a couple times through. The choice between Power, Life, and Time styles is nice, but I found POWER Mage to be vastly superiorto the other two. I like the game, and would love to see more like it. Reminds me of Delve Dice and other board games.


Don't really see why, but i finished it and liked it! Good job m8)))

Not bad

not bad not bad...It just needs more action. Rather reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons. Overall great!


Good game

I really enjoyed this game!

I liked the ideas that were incorporated and implemented. However, as much as I liked the concept, it was like playing something incomplete. If this game had a story and or more to it, I would have given it a ten.

The atmosphere and the idea of rolling dice in a turn based battle game is really neat, I think. I thought it was fun with cool sounds and music.