Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


Great game!
I liked how even though everything was based on random dice rolls it still felt like I had some control over the results (as a time mage).

it could use a few things...

enemy replay, more music, a little more animation, upgrading system and items... these are key essentials to a perfect game... Xionnn, chill out... this game is a intresting idea, a good foundation to be something better if ya'll work harder at it. Good luck!

Very Well Done

I often enjoy wasting a few minutes of time on a short, simple game like this. It does get a tad repetitive, especially at the boss I was just clicking as fast as I could because it was taking quite a while, but was still a great game. It's heavily based on luck, but it's also knowing how to use your abilities.

I would enjoy seeing this game expanded, maybe give each class an extra ability, and have there be 2-4 dungeons total you can go through (make them each a bit shorter so it's not too long).

Nice, but very simple

Good, but I would suggest more choices for the player for a possible follow up, maybe a skill tree with some choices, go for more mp? go for an extra ability? an ability upgrade?
different types of dice would be nice as well, going up against an enemy who uses a D8 against your twin D6es for example would prove interesting for mathematically inclined players.
Jus't a thought from an avid boardgamer:)

That ending was priceless

The game was pretty fun. It distracted me from shitty college classes for a while. Short for and Afro-Ninja game though.
I finished the game with 5 hp left. I was kinda sweating it out there at the end.
I did have to deduct you one point though because the dice rolls did seem kinda stacked.