Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


Good Work, this is gonna be Front Paged :D

This is a great RPG!

The game itself is very addictive, just like most RPG's. It was so challenging, that I lost to the final boss with just 3 HP remaining.


not bad man not bad but not good so don't get ideas to make another

Thumbs up

Short, but nice game
The ending was good, too :)

another medal ideas could be to and the game with every class ^^

i hope there will be another one, but longer ;)

Good concept

The concept was pretty cool, and it was fun closer to the end, however it was extremely easy to win, and because too much is based on chance some battles might be super long some might be pretty short. But i liked how magic added in some strategy, but that was also closer to the end. It could use alot of improvement but i enjoyed it