Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

trolls -.-

Messege to you haters, you either dont like this game for 3 reasons. you have never made a flash game your self and dont know how hard it is. You have serverly bad luck. or your just a fatass troll who still lives with there parents so STFU n00bs. i think this game was a great spine on dungeon dice and ps i like the ending =D

Needs Work

The random nature of this game really doesn't work. About the only strategy involved is picking a spell to put on your dice and then spamming roll until you run out of mana. You can only pray you beat the enemy before this happens because of the high probability of the enemy rolling a 5 or 6 usually ends up in your quick death. To say there is strategy is generous. The only successful way to win is to pick the power mage and ALWAYS use onslaught once you get it. It lets you roll "8's" and make quick work of the enemies you face because you tie far less often. The idea has potential but it was executed poorly in this game.

Could be better

Magic would be more useful if you could use it after the rolls, like picking a dice to re-roll (as a time mage) instead of being forced to pick one to re-roll before you roll. Would also be nice if you had special effects when player/monster rolled all 1's or 6's. And for some reason, the mosters sure were dropping a s**tload of 6's. I'm sure you're using a randomizing algorithm, but it just seemed like the monsters had a greater-than-statistically-possible chance to get a 6 to come up. I tied a lot, normally only got 1 point off, and rarely got 2 points in. Then they'd come back and hit me for 4. Seems skewed some how. Good concept, but definitely has more potential to milk.

cool spin on rpg dice games

This was fun, you should be happy with the final product. The only thing I would say, is if you were to pursue this further, which I would recommend, maybe you could put in bonuses of some kind? Along with the spells, what if a player got 3 or 4 dice that all rolled a 6? Maybe that could be a super attack or something. Likewise, if a player rolled say 3 ones, maybe they would lose health, no matter what?


this is a little difficult game