Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

come on

simple, to easy. good job though

i likeit

good game

it could use a few things...

enemy replay, more music, a little more animation, upgrading system and items... these are key essentials to a perfect game... Xionnn, chill out... this game is a intresting idea, a good foundation to be something better if ya'll work harder at it. Good luck!


I won with 74 hp. Whoo. I enjoyed the pre-battle messages the most. Sandworm cares not for you. Walking through red evil mist not advised. lol. plus 2 to battle was a cool skill followed by mend that heals 3 hp but reroll twice just to tie with computer? That seemed like a waste of mp. I would have rather have put the time spell on an empty dice slot for an extra dice seeing as you are a time mage so why not get an extra dice earlier than expected? The first spell would add a dice to you and the second one would remove one of the computer's dice. cost 2 and 4 mp. Total of 6. max mp was 35 so you would have 5 turn advantage unless you combo with plus 2 battle spell. My ending for this game is you owned the dungeon and wanted to test your minions and right hand man. After killing them you realize now that you are defenseless and kill yourself before a hero can do it. Happy ending? You decide.

I like it...

Only gripe I have is that playing as the Time Mage Class is significantly harder than the other two. I'd recommend adding the ability to repeat the battle with "angry gem" so that players can regain their health after learning the life mage's abilities.

Also, I feel like the last boss should be harder. He should have some sort of advantageous ability like for instance... +1 to highest roll for doubles, +2 for triples, +3 for quadruple rolls.