Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


This is a terrible game. It is entirely based on chance, and the only thing you do is get to pick where your power ups go and click a button. Even the monsters were boring. I played for a total of two minutes and got to red slime (right after green slime). This game lacks creativity, and is just overly boring. The only reason someone would play all the way through is to get the medals. Not sure how this didn't get blammed.

0/0 1/10 (you get the one because the art doesn't suck)


Healing skills were almost completely useless.
Oh hey guys! lets make it so you have to guess which side to put it on and you lose mana if you get it wrong!
Surefire way to lose pretty much all your MP and only gain like 6hp per battle.
I thought that was pretty retarded. If i have to rely on choice and chance, you shouldn't punish the player by costing him mana regardless of what happens.

Afro-Ninja responds:

the healing mage used to be overpowered, it was one of the many attempts at balancing

really nice but slow

This is a very nice concept, but there's just too much clicking required for me to play for long.

- when the player is out of mana, there's nothing he can control... how about an 'autoroll' feature that keeps rolling until the combat is resolved?
- even while mana remains, I'd like to be able to take a turn with one click... perhaps put the messages in a side-panel so they don't need a click to clear them?

I think this concept could go a long way - it's already a very good game!


interesting idea, but kinda boring and too random.


Not a bad concept, but too repetitive and random to be truly fun. I realize it's a game based on dice, but sometimes there's so little you can do that it's barely a game.