Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Fun little dice fest...

but, alas, the randomness will irritate you with that "loaded dice" feeling as the enemy seems to always get one pip more than you on a roll. Well done, and worth playing a couple times through. The choice between Power, Life, and Time styles is nice, but I found POWER Mage to be vastly superiorto the other two. I like the game, and would love to see more like it. Reminds me of Delve Dice and other board games.

Good game

Is short, but it has an Interesting concept, sometimes is unfair, because you lose to much life, anyway it was a good little time of fun, i win the boss with 3 HP remaining.

Interesting concept.

I had a lot of fun playing around with it, and although I realize dice are truly completely random, I wish there was some sort of system to put a bit more strategy into it, stats or otherwise.

What I didn't like was the recycled images and such, and it was rather short. I think something like this could be a heck of a lot of fun if more was added in. Maybe 2 on 2 battles or a level system.

And people, stop complaining about it being too random, he says in his description that it's going to be, you were forewarned.

random chance is an awful deciding factor

decent presentation but the fact that on just some stupid non-boss enemy I lost like 50hp due to pure chance is friggin stupid. I would suggest maybe making skills for each class for rolling doubles, triples, quadruples, straights. Nice try but sadly I find it to mostly fail.

Repetitive, easy, boring

There was no real gameplay involved, it was all just pure luck. I had 70HP remaining after beating the boss, I don't see a real challenge in this game. Better luck next time.

7 Stars for the effort, the music and the graphics