Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Nice, but.

I had fun playing but it's to simple! When both sides get the same number in their highest dice you should pass to the second one, like that until some one wins, if that doesn't happen then you role again. The aunto magic kills most of the strategic part of the game. Finally you should get bonus for getting a nice throw (like 4 six extra damage; 4 one lose a dice for one turn... and more xD

PD: I won with more than 50 hit points.


I think this is the first game I've played where I can just click the same things over and over to get ahead. This is the kind of game that seems to require no skill as you just have to get lucky. The creatures are designed alright, but the main strength is that you just made it so simple. It is hard to even call this a point-and-click adventure as it is not even that. You do not really point at anything, just click it. It is hard to give advice because everything in this game seems to be determined by luck.

I am in no way criticizing. In fact, this was a good game to play because you were able to get medals so easily (or rather, not easily depending on how lucky you were). It is certainly a unique game, so I give you points for originality. The backgrounds and everything are designed pretty well. I can understand why a lot of people would not be fans of these kinds of games, but these are definitley good for what they are.


i never had so much fun with dice <3

A good omni gem

is a dead omni gem

Perfect game!!

Dice and medals made this game incredibly easy!!!!!!!!!!!!