Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Nice idea, but...

it's simply coincidence if you win or lose. That's not a real gameplay at all.

Also, this game can be highly frustrating. When I fight against The mincer, the creature always diced a 6. Always, every DAMM round of the 27 rounds.

Maybe that's just happenstance, bad luck or whatever, but it totally destroyed the fun for me, sorry.

Dice games are for noobs

But other then that, it's a nicely put together game.

pretty cool concept

I like this game alot. It's simple and addictive. Very creative game at that.


Awesome and Funny

Nice game, easy to play from bed in a laptop using mousepad.

I'm not sure if it was my imagination but at first i was spamming click button instead of hold and release and every time i clicked, the enemy keep getting 5s and 6s on every dice

Afro Ninja > Afro Samurai

Nice, but.

I had fun playing but it's to simple! When both sides get the same number in their highest dice you should pass to the second one, like that until some one wins, if that doesn't happen then you role again. The aunto magic kills most of the strategic part of the game. Finally you should get bonus for getting a nice throw (like 4 six extra damage; 4 one lose a dice for one turn... and more xD

PD: I won with more than 50 hit points.