Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


I really liked the concept. I had some moderate fun with this, and it at least made me think a tiny bit.

I'd like to see where you can take this.


SO HOLY ADDCTING,I LOVED THIS GAME :D Really,very good concept of figthing,10 of 10

It's ok

Add a mute button please...

Other then that, it's ok I guess. Seems all a bit random... like I have no real control if I win or lose. But it was entertaining.

Add a mute button please...


Enemies sure roll a lot of 6's


solo'd by the angry gem guy in the beginning. all 100 hp. I shook for 2 mins and then threw. only tied or lost. idk if that's programming that needs fixing but wow i took 4 diff screenshots of me at 50 30 12 hp and i only got him down 2.

It might have been because i was life mage idk but ya the combat needs to be fixed.