Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


The general idea was good frankly but it ultimately failed sadly. The game, even though you did warn us, is based almost entirely on luck which isn't bad in itself but lacks in the fact that the game requires no real skill to complete or do well in really. However due to the fact this was a mini project for lolz and in general (taking that fact and numerous other into account) it turned out pretty good I feel it should not me underappreciated.

Nice game but could use some balancing.

There's some things wrong with it:
For example the fact that, the more dices you introduce, the longer the battle will be (there is more chance to have a high number for both parties, so more chance to both have a 6). Maybe to solve this have the second highest die count if both sides highest is the same. Then there would also be a purpose to rerolling a dice or adding +1/2 even though there is a 6 allready from another die. (Dunno if you could follow that xD anyways...)
Also mp was a little low. I tried to heal myself but that took too much mp. Maybe take out the "uses mp nonetheless even if it does nothing", same for the +1/2, only make it work if it actually does something. If you implement those 2, you can probably lower the hp to about 30, and there's a good game for you where you have to use some tactics to survive. :)

Also maybe make it abit longer D:

Just beat the game

I just beat the game in my first go. The skills are so important to use!
I liked the humor in the game, but well... It seem like a matter of coincidence, but I beat it, and it was quite fun anyway! :-)

good idea but....

Good idea for a game and that is the only reason you got one star. There is no strategy to this game and it is all up to chance. weather you roll the dice for 1 second or 15 minutes you have no control over what it lands on which wouldnt really be a problem if 99% of the time it wasnt a tie or you losing.... I gave this game a fair chance and played it as long as I was able to stay alive but it did not keep my interest and I would not play again unless the game play was made A LOT BETTER! I did like the magic items however because the dice seem to always be against you you rarely get to use the 2 powers that give you life and the others that boost your power and re-roll the dice dont really help you out because of how the dice seem to always land. I feel that this game is the result of a good idea with bad production or maybe rushed production if its the latter then slow down dude take your time I promise it's worth it, if its the former perhaps you should take some time to learn the tricks of the trade and give it another shot. Either way I think you should go back to the drawing board and give it another go as this has the potential to be a good game.


I really liked the concept. I had some moderate fun with this, and it at least made me think a tiny bit.

I'd like to see where you can take this.