Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Pretty fun...

but I have a few notes. Firstly, it may have just been my experience but it seemed like the enemies had slightly better odds of getting high rolls. Second, if you are going to have multiple die then only counting the highest one seems like a waste, and leads to a lot of ties. Maybe the two highest, or the highest and lowest combined would make for a better system. The spells bothered me as well. I started out with time based magic, and it was annoying to watch my MP drain re-rolling dice when I already had a 6 on the board. Using the spells should be up to the players discretion. On a positive note, I liked the visuals and sound effects. Really, this seems like the bases of a battle system for a bigger flash RPG you might do in the future. Good job, hope to see more from you.


i gave you 10 for tow reasons
1 because you are cool
2 otherwise some strange guy will send me an email telling me to delet my review and i think that is tottaly fascist!!!!!

Very fun!!!

Such an addicting and fun game to play even though I think it was kinda easy...
Still, I enjoyed it :)


There is only one thing about the game that is really not good, the health dice only heals u when its +5 in the dice but it comsumes your mp all the time that is totally useless. But with a good strategy you can beat the game easily, i only needed 2 skills to beat everyone it last strength skill and the first luck skill. And it is not so based on luck since you have more chances to win if you use skills correctly you can manipulate your luck

9/10 5/5

Awesome game!!

You made a game based on pure luck, and it works pretty well. I really loved this game, and the system was very good.
Thought, the enemies were ugly, yet again, that´s not the purpose of the game. Keep up the good work.