Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


This game is enjoyable, but since luck here is a great factor, it's not as playable, bur more like a joke.

dungeon dice

it's like playing rock paper scissors with a cpu that cheats.


Realy fun, nice humor, I just wish there was a bit more tactic to this game, that'd be awesome ^^
Right now its just soooo random xD

Also... I like dice... don't know why though...

This is not a game...

I mean really... we have next to no input at all. You attempted to rectify the fact that the game is 100% luck based by giving us skills. While the skills DID create some interactivity, it was still 100% luck based whether the skills would help or not. It's a great concept however. I would suggest being able to place multiple skills on a single die. So that you can make it so you rewind if y our die is 2 or less, then afterthe re-roll, have obliterate boost the power of the die, and if the boost brings the die higher than 5, you get to heal. THAT would be strategy, and interactivity. But that's just a thought. Like I said, good concept, but it really isn't a game at this point :P

Pretty fun...

but I have a few notes. Firstly, it may have just been my experience but it seemed like the enemies had slightly better odds of getting high rolls. Second, if you are going to have multiple die then only counting the highest one seems like a waste, and leads to a lot of ties. Maybe the two highest, or the highest and lowest combined would make for a better system. The spells bothered me as well. I started out with time based magic, and it was annoying to watch my MP drain re-rolling dice when I already had a 6 on the board. Using the spells should be up to the players discretion. On a positive note, I liked the visuals and sound effects. Really, this seems like the bases of a battle system for a bigger flash RPG you might do in the future. Good job, hope to see more from you.