Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Fun time waster

I like playing these games. I've won as two different classes so far. It's fun :) You just have to play strategically, which the people below seem incapable of doing.

The idea has potentiol

I liked the idea, but when you make a game on luck you still need to add features where the player can actually, well do something. I mean it honestly consisted of you clicking the mouse. Im also pretty sure that holding it doesnt do anything more then make a sound. I love the amatour style, i hate games looking to proffesional. The music didnt bother me either, not like some annoying music people put on games. It's a rough diamond, if you can find a way to make the game more interactive, it would work.

Great idea, some tweaks

There's a lot to be done, but it's a great start. MP consumption should occur ONLY if the user chooses, so set the gems, roll the dice and then choose whether you want the mp to be consumed because the gem met the conditions of the gem.

I made it to the end, but only by the skin of my teeth. Health gain needs to be improved. MP consumption should be a 1 always especially with how much luck is involved. There's no way to get a significant health gain when you need it.

Get rid of the pop ups to tell me the results, move it into a scroll box that lists the dice rolls and results, reduces clicking and cleans it up.

Holding the roll button doesn't really do anything for the player, no animation, just a sound playing, doesn't even really matter because it's all luck based. Should just be a click.

Oblivate was the only reason why I was able to beat boss, gave me +2 on 5 and 6 rolls.

serious balance issues...

have to be the time mage in order to win...because it's the only class that possess the ONLY skill that won't use MP when it isn't used...and since this game is a game of chance, you run out of MP with all the other skills long before they ever become usefull


Great concept, but it's almost as if the enemies have higher odds.