Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Very Well Done

I often enjoy wasting a few minutes of time on a short, simple game like this. It does get a tad repetitive, especially at the boss I was just clicking as fast as I could because it was taking quite a while, but was still a great game. It's heavily based on luck, but it's also knowing how to use your abilities.

I would enjoy seeing this game expanded, maybe give each class an extra ability, and have there be 2-4 dungeons total you can go through (make them each a bit shorter so it's not too long).


The blue room is ridiculous though

Okay, could have been done better.

The basic idea was good. My big problem is how ties were handled. Due to the way psuedorandom number generators work, numbers generated in succession by the same generator are likely to be similar. If you used different random seeds for the player than the computer, ties would be less likely to happen. Alternatively, you could handle ties by comparing the next highest numbers in to see who wins. I get tired of rolling three sixes and tying with their six and three ones.

time comes though for me :D

good ending credits


i won with 1 health left using the time rolls after the boss and I had 1 health for 5 stalemate rolls