Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

*hits random rating*


I was lucky and won, first try, so hey, why shouldn't you be too? :D

But seriously though, one does technically have pretty good winning odds when playing this. And even though the last boss DID get a lot of 5's and 6's, I trust you when you say it's random.


It was entertaining, but simply hitting left mouse button's not good game design...

And an opponent rolling at least a 4 EVERY round is not considered good balancing :(

Hm, not so random it seems

I think i sense, as an attempt to add difficulty into the game, you gave the opponent a much higher chance of rolling a 6 or 5 than you. Just an observation when your rolling 4 dice and they roll 3 and they keep getting a 6 or 5 on at LEAST 2 of the 3 dice every roll and you roll 1-4 on each of your 4.

Dumb altered chances aside, The classes were stupid. the game wouldnt have been possible without Mend or the Heal class

Each fight: put mend on one dice and just click the Roll button over and over until you win= beaten game. Even then you will end up with 15-25 HP left. (after Mend retrieved at least 75-100 HP for you by the end of the game) heal also will get you an extra 25 hp early game before you get mend.


And finabby edeh bosh wud defeedered and eddy body got pie. DE AYND


This game leaves everything up to chance, there is no skill, no real tactics, and luck is skewed.

I died at the last boss when he had 2 hp left. He got me down from 26 hp while he had 2, I was just sitting there pressing roll with nothing else to do.

Kind of pointless...